My Super Power is...

Procrastination! I have finally found shop software that I like - hooray! - and I am beavering away here trying to fill it up with lovely lampwork and gorgeous jewellery for you. I have been trying to use photographs I have already taken to try to speed things up a bit but I am such a perfectionist I keep finding fault with them. The photos are actually pretty good but I keep finding silly, small faults and I'm driving myself nuts. I can't help but wonder if this is my super power coming out to play so I am really trying to force myself to keep going, My finger actually hovered over the publish button earlier today but no... another cup of coffee and mint thin later and I'm still editing... maybe tomorrow.

Anyway in the spirit of sharing can you see what's wrong with this photo?

The answer is underneath the photo

Azure blue handmade glass bead
Azure blue handmade glass bead

It's at a funny angle! - see what I mean? procrastination of the highest order.