Love Starbucks

I'm sitting upstairs in Starbucks in Brighton waiting for Natalie with my skinny, vanilla, extra shot latte and my tablet and I can really see why people come here to work. For me there is something about the anonymity that is really conducive to plugging in to a  different stream of thought. Before I came in here I went into WH Smiths and without realising why I bought myself a carrier bag full of note books. I'm so glad I did, the napkins in here don't really cut it for taking notes and scribbled drawings, although if needs must.

It has been a long hot summer of family stuff (most of which I have loved, btw) but with no real physical or mental space for beads. I feel like the floodgates are open and a torrent of ideas have come rushing in and I need to get it all down on paper before they evaporate again.

Notepad pencil and coffee
Notepad pencil and coffee

I find myself thinking about different ideas for beads and jewellery too, somehow I seem to have struck a deeper vein of creativity. The music in here is definitely helping by taking me back to a time long forgotten, my childhood before the trouble started with my brother and booze. So far we have had Ventura Highway by America, The Pushbike song by The Mixtures, Cat Stevens Wild World and Van Morrison. I'm definitely the only one in here old enough to remember them from back in the very early 70's.

Not from the 70s but one of my favourites

Van Morrison - Steal my heart away:

Stay tuned because I'm looking forward to some new stops on the thought train.