Lentil Beads

I love transparent cobalt blue glass, mix it up with some silver and enamel and shape into lentil beads...  Look how they sparkle in the sunlight Coablt and silver lentil shape handmade glass beads


Saturday 13.8.13

I lost a fundamental piece of my tripod, the bit that screws into the camera to attach it, I looked for it for 3 days before giving up and heading over to Amazon. Don't get me wrong I KNOW it's going to turn up under a book or something but I had a new camera, a new macro lens and I needed to take some photographs, my frustration level was quite frankly off the scale. Gloriously Amazon had the one I wanted (with a ball head joint for good rotation) at a really good price so I hit the "add to basket" button and this morning it was in my eager hands... let the photography commence!