Heading North

It's been a bit of an exciting week what with being banned from all Facebook group activity mid trunk show and all. I am going to share that experience and what I took from it in an upcoming post but right now I am on the road again. Tuesday is mum's 79th birthday so I am heading up to Lancaster to celebrate with her. On the way up I am spending the night in Liverpool with my mother in law, Ann and then on the way back Ann is coming back with me to spend some time with us. So I get to spend two weeks with two of my favourite people on the planet. This evening after dinner I went down to the water near where Ann lives in Crosby and walked along by the beach. I love this stretch of sand, there is a strange wild beauty to it and on a clear day the light it fantastic. You can watch the ships leaving Liverpool docks along the channel, you can see Snowdonia and Anglesey across the water and there are three wind farms stretched out to the horizon. It is also home to Anthony Gormleys "Another Place" which I also love. Today the tide was out and as usual I was suprised by how many of the sculptures (100) there are.