Happy New Year

A very hap-py new year to one and all, I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.. Personally I have no plans.... the last two years I have started out with high hopes and grand plans which have then tanked quite dramatically before January was done. In the UK January 31st is the deadline for our tax return, I have just completed mine for 2012-13 in less than two hours which basically tells me, without even looking at the figures, that making beads is less of a business and more of an expensive hobby! In fairness my life has been somewhat difficult these last two years, my time and attention has been focussed elsewhere and I wouldn't have had it any other way..family always comes first.

So, safe in the knowledge that this year is probably not going to pan out the way I think it will, I am going to let go of my high hopes and grand plans and just see what happens. I have beads and jewellery to make, a dodgy elbow means lampworking is a bit tricky sometimes, so more jewellery then. I have some spiffy new glass and an electronic viewfinder (thanks Mum) for my camera and have signed up for a weekly photo challenge. I have also signed up for a crochet blanket club, which is pretty hilarious because to date I have singularly failed to teach myself to crochet but the wool was so pretty I couldn't help myself.

Bring it on 2014, I have rods of glass, my trusty camera and lots of hand dyed yarn, I reckon I'm ready!