My Favourite Beads - Floral Focals Part 1

Floral Focal Lampwork Beads

White & purple lampwork floral focal bead
White & purple lampwork floral focal bead

I don't know if you know this but my favourite beads to make are floral so I thought I would start a series of posts about beads I love to make, starting with floral beads and continuing wherever the muse may take me...

This bead is one of the few successes I have had with a translucent white glass from CIM called Cirrus. My floral beads take a while to make, sometimes well over two hours, and the beautiful moonstone opal glasses don't behave well for that length of time. The repeated heating and cooling of the glass leads it to devitrify leaving a chalky residue which tends to spread the longer the bead is worked for. Sometimes I can clean it up by giving it a good hot heat bath at the very end but obviously a bead with lots of decoration runs the risk of melting out all the intricate details I spent the last two hours putting on. Also if the devit is under a layer of encasement glass it can seep out at the ends and crawl over the surface of the bead.

So this bead I was really happy with, a lovely cloudy white base, crisp purple flowers with cubic zirconia and not a trace of devitrification.