Facebook Shenanigins

So the question I have been asked many times in the last couple of weeks is "How on earth did you get thrown into Facebook Jail"? Honestly, I have no clue! In case you missed it, let me back up a little bit and tell you the story.

My last Facebook trunk show, a couple of weeks ago, was run on American Central Time which is 6 hours behind GMT so I got up at 4 am in the morning to set it off. I threw myself into it and was having a fantastic time, selling lots of beads, running competitions and generally having a great time. Exactly half way through the trunk show some 23.5 hours later, I was just posting my last auction before I took myself off to bed and as I hit the 'post' button a tiny pop up dialogue button appeared in the middle of the screen. In the box, in writing so small I could barely read it, it said...

You have been banned from all group activity.
If you think this is a mistake you may appeal here

So I tried to post again... same result. I tried to look at the group wall but I had been frozen out, panic set in. I pm'ed the administrator of the group and found that all of my posts had disappeared into the ether. I followed the "appeal here" link in the little dialogue box thinking I might appeal whatever it was that I had unwittingly done. A quick check on Google revealed several insights to something so seemingly arbitrary. Firstly not only was it indeed arbitrary but also extremely common, secondly Facebook were not going to tell me why I had been banned and thirdly appealing was pointless as they didn't even bother replying to most appeals. So I went to bed.

The next morning I surveyed the damage. I followed the appeal link and discovered that I was banned until 15th of July and bearing in mind I would be away for a good part of that time I decided not to bother appealing at all. I was still able to post on my profile and Facebook Page but not in any of the myriad of groups I am a member of. I had another Facebook profile that I only use for family and a few close friends in times of trouble so I logged into that and joined the trunk show group with that profile. Although all my posts on the wall had been deleted my photographs were still there so I managed to tie up all my outstanding sales and competitions from there. Then I put on my dunces cap and went to sit it out in the naughty chair for two weeks.


I know that Facebook has many algorithms written into it's coding for all sorts of weird and wonderful things and I think that by posting so many times over a relatively short period of time I tripped a spam filter with an automatic ban attached to it but I'm guessing, I actually have no idea why I was banned. The ban should be over tomorrow but I will wait and see, I'm not completely convinced.... I have another trunk show in the same group on Friday 25th one thing is for sure I may start it at 4 am again but I am going to take it a whole lot slower and I'm definitely going to bed at a reasonable time!