Continuing Website Shenanigins

Ok so I'm still re-working all of this. After a brief and thoroughly enjoyable sojourn on SquareSpace I had an e-mail from Google web master tools reporting hundreds of 503 missing page errors. I spent a couple of hours trying to find a way to fix them and in the end I gave up and high tailed back over to WordPress, have you got whiplash yet? I know I have! Now fortunately my previous experiences have taught me never to actually burn a bridge until I have safely spent 6 months safely on the other side of it... All I had to do was unhook SquareSpace from my server, reconnect WordPress and re-publish all my posts - easy. Well easy-ish, the whole DNS/CNAME thing was a bit of a palaver until in a fit of pique I hit the scary big red re-set button and voila I was back in play. I had eight pages of posts to re-publish from draft and that took a little while, all was well... or was it? Imagine my mortification when I got an e-mail from a lovely lady on my Facebook Page telling me very politely that she had just had an e-mail notification for every single post I had just re-published (did I mention eight pages worth of posts!) - oh my face was red, actually burning red. Of course it was too late to do anything useful except ban WordPress from my Facebook Page and delete all the posts. If you are one of those poor people who suffered from an unwelcome slew of notification e-mails about old blog posts I am truly sorry, I can honestly say it will NEVER happen again. I have removed all automatic updates between my blog and FB page and in future will go back to the old copy and paste method of updating.

So the blog is back up and I have a new page where I will be writing a series of short articles, about lampworking to begin with but maybe branching out into other subjects later on. I have some new galleries up, they need some tidying up but the website had been down so long I thought I would forge ahead and tidy as I go.  Most excitingly my shop is almost ready to launch! It is on my other domain because it made more  sense to me to put it there and as soon as it is ready I will let you know and update the links.

You will notice that this post comes only a couple of days after the one where I said February was all about the beads, bout the beads, no treble (damn you Meghan Trainor)  GAH! I really need to stop computing and start melting I'm so far behind on my plan for bead domination.

And just for kicks here is a random bead picture. I don't think this one has been on here before but it was one of those beads that was impossible for a photograph to do it justice, it had beautiful green-blue iridescence in it and was super sparkly. Sorry about the size, my choices were massive or teeny-tiny so obv. massive was the way to go.

Lampwork Bead made with silver glass
Lampwork Bead made with silver glass