Cloak of Invisibility

Lampwork floral bead with pink and orange flowers
Lampwork floral bead with pink and orange flowers

I am really struggling with Etsy at the moment and I think I'm probably done. Back in September when they announced the new search adverts I messed about with the set up. Then I read in the forums that you had to make sure that the promoted listings were de-activated other wise you could end up with a very large and entirely unexpected bill, obviously I promptly went and de-activated it all.

So imagine my joy on Saturday when I did one of my regular "lampwork bead" searches on Etsy to see what came up and found myself looking at an ad for a particularly old set of my beads. I checked the promote tab and sure enough I had been running ads since some time in September and I was completely unaware of it. Fortunately I had  the daily budget at the minimum of $1.00 per day so while the damage was substantial it could have been so much worse. I failed to realise what was going on because of the strange way the bill payments are set up on there and clearly there wasn't enough improvement in my sales to notice either.

Then, this morning I found a new tool which you can use to check the relevancy of your Etsy shop listings, i.e. if they will turn up in an Etsy search for a given search term. I currently have 116 listings and I am listing and renewing expired beads regularly so I was confident that I would have something in the first 20 pages of search results.

Well this looks very cool, I thought as I punched in my details...

Shop name: Lampworkjewels

Keyword or phrase: lampwork beads

First 20 pages in search

Imagine, if you will the expression on my face when I pulled this result

111,118 Listings Found. No Listings belong to LampworkJewels.

I had a little cry.

So to sum up... I have paid Etsy  for an ad campaign that I didn't know was running for over 2 months and despite said ad campaign, my shop has assumed the cloak of invisibility for the search term lampwork beads- WOW, just WOW!

Clearly this is all user error but the point is that Etsy now is such a behemoth that sucks up a huge amount of time, effort and now money for virtually no return. It is now impossible for very small businesses like mine to even get seen and if it's all about pulling in your own audience then surely I'm better off doing that for my own site?

I'm calling time.... I just need a little lie down first.