All about the beads

I'm doing the Big Bead Show in March, I haven't done a bead show for three years and quite frankly I'm terrified. The last one I did was back in March 2011. I remember it well because George spent all day lying in the car listening to sport on the radio, moaning and groaning because he had 'flu, I wasn't happy. Two days later George was rushed into hospital having come freakishly close to death from internal bleeding, apparently it's quite common to mistake it for flu!  The nurses seemed to take great pleasure in telling him he should be dead and every time they did I had a little stab of guilt for being so snarky with him at the fair.

I booked the Big Bead Show back in the Autumn when I thought I would have a cosy winter of bead making ahead of me but clearly I was deluded. If you have followed my blog for any length of time you will understand what a ludicrous idea that actually is. So basically it is 6 weeks away and I have virtually no beads to sell - brilliant.

Plus I am a bit of a recluse... if you don't count the pub quiz every Wednesday.  I find it utterly nerve wracking putting myself and my beads out there. That being said my overwhelming memories of bead shows are always of having a fabulous time. I love chatting with old friends, connecting with new ones, talking about beads, glass and jewellery which are, of course my favourite subjects. Still I would be happier if I could flick the anxiety switch off.

So this month it's all about the beads. I set myself a goal of making 10 focal beads every week for the month but I have quickly come to the conclusion that's impossible. My foral focals take over 2 hours to make, some have recently crept up to 3! Once I have one of those beauties in the kiln I'm pretty much fried. So my plan is to go out every morning, light the torch and hope for a bead making miracle or maybe I could just make smaller beads.

lampwork beads
lampwork beads